Ready to heal?

I’m an EFT & Matrix Reimprinting Energy Practitioner, as well as an intuitive health consultant. If you think you might like to work with me please contact me to schedule a free 20-minute consultation to explore how we might work together. At this time, I mainly work with clients via Zoom, Skype or FaceTime. Here is a range of the issues I work on:

- Anxiety
- Career
- Divorce / Breakup Recovery
- Grief
- Fertility Challenges

- Motherhood
- Self Esteem
- Stress
- Weight loss
- Trauma

I offer substantial discounts for 5 and 12 session packages to support your commitment to improving your life with this work. In our first session, I always take the time to teach you how to use this amazing tool, so you walk away empowered and able to continue to use EFT to support your healing whether we continue to work together or not.

What to Expect in an EFT Session

We’ll start by discussing what your goals are and explore what might be getting in the way of accomplishing them in a similar manner to talk therapy. We then measure the intensity of your emotion associated with the current problem, issue, or traumatic memory, then pair your current issue/memory with a statement of self-acceptance, while I lead you through several rounds of tapping. This usually results in immediate improvement as emotional intensity melts away making room for relief and insight. Very often key memories will show up during our session, or perhaps you already have some that are bothering you. In this case we’ll likely shift to Matrix Reimprinting where we use EFT to help the younger self trapped within the memory. This is profound and fascinating work that allows us to access and change the core negative beliefs that really mess us up! Transforming our core beliefs is where the magic happens. No longer held hostage by our past, we are liberated to transform our lives in powerful and exciting ways.

Investing in Self Care

I like to compare healing ourselves to home remodeling, and, depending on each of our individual circumstances, we may need to do more or less work. Several factors are at play, including our ability to take responsibility, willingness to improve ourselves, in addition to how many subconscious limiting beliefs we have, most of which were engrained in our early childhood years. While some of us may be lucky to have well built and maintained “homes” that only need a paint job and old carpets ripped up to reveal solid hardwood floors beneath, others might need complete gut rehabs including new floors, plumbing and electric, and still others will need to tear down existing structures and build their dream house top to bottom. Whatever your personal situation, you deserve the best! Loving and valuing yourself is one of the most important lessons we have to learn while on planet earth. Unfortunately, today, distracting or numbing ourselves out is the more popular option. People overeat sweets and carbs, drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes, take drugs, play video games, watch porn, or become shopping addicts. While doing these activities in moderation might be fine occasionally, they also happen to be major distractions that do not address the root causes of our problems.

Heal yourself, Heal the world!

Instead of spending LOTS of money on band-aid fixes to make yourself feel better temporarily, why not invest in true long lasting self-care? YOU really are your best investment! The greatest gifts we can give ourselves are compassion, forgiveness, self-care and love. We’re all truly doing the best that we can with the knowledge and tools we have. EFT / Matrix Reimprinting are some of the most powerful tools available today to help us love those parts of ourselves in the shadows that are hurt, angry, grieving, or feeling shame. Consider the work we do together as an investment in yourself, because we are not just distracting you from your problems -- we are working to resolve them permanently! Like any good investment the work we do actually grows in value through time. And there are dividends - like inner peace, improved health, greater productivity, and a deeper sense of who we really are and how joyful life can actually be. Whether you work with me or another practitioner, you’re on the right track exploring EFT and Matrix Reimprinting!