About Clarymond

About Clarymond

Clarymond Hardt is a certified EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), Matrix Reimprinting and Mystic Shamanism practitioner.  She has studied yoga, meditation and wellness for over 20 years.

Home birthing her son Rafael in 2008 was an empowering — or “In-Powering” — life changing experience of reconnecting with “our goddess within.” And so began Clarymond’s new passion for honoring the powers of Mother Nature.

Having overcome her own fertility challenges through gently detoxing and a combination of energy medicine addressing root and emotional causes, her mission is to help others “In-Power” themselves with the truth of our innate healing ability.

Along this healing journey Clarymond founded Mother Corps, a creative collective of offline masterminds and online healing resources.

Clarymond Hardt is also an award-winning photojournalist and writer /producer for network television.

In her spare time, Clarymond enjoys guiding independent studies for her spirited son; hiking in nature with Teeka their 150 lb goofy dog-beast; cooking up healthy feasts with family and trying to motivate herself and them 😉 to start a veggie garden.

Please contact Clarymond for a FREE 20 minute discovery call to see whether her methods are right for you.