We research, write and develop a variety of content about all the latest most cutting edge information on health and healing in a variety of topics including nutrition and toxins in our home and environments. We also create outrageous and hilarious content that cuts across party lines and unites us. We launch viral, mobile friendly video campaigns that wake viewers up through humor and outrage, and creating a framework for grass roots action at the local level.

We avoid conflicts of interest that interfere with access to the truth by not allowing advertising on our site of any product or service related to the subjects we explore. We are entirely self funded by all of us: that’s where the crowdfunding comes in — and yes, that means you too!

Lastly, as we expand, we help mothers — and Mr. moms too — organize themselves into local groups by neighborhood through our expanding communities and platform.

Our motto, first coined by Earth Day founder David Brower, is “think globally, act locally.”

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