Since I began this project I ‘ve had these odd “lapsed Catholic” fantasies about reconnecting with my faith. It all started years ago when I read Thich Nhat Hanh’s book on Jesus. Here was a guy deeply wounded by the Catholic missionaries and he was still finding compassion and space enough in his heart to be open minded and inquire who the real Jesus was and get past all the lies that we’d all been told.  It really moved me. So it got me thinking I too could get past some of the stuff that made me crazy growing up with Catechism. Like all that talk about sins in preparation for my first communion. I’ll never forget the creepy Pierre Thiercelin pulling me close and insisting I share my sins. His breath was stinky and he had those weird white spit balls gathered in the corners of his mouth. “But I don’t have any sins. I’m a kid.” I repeated a few times.  Anyways, I finally relented to get him off my back and admitted to not listening to my mom as well as I should.  I just did NOT get a good feeling from that man. And then years later I find out he molested one of our classmates. The hypocrisy of it all was enough to drive me away for good. But I digress.

The Catholicism that I’m talking about reconnecting with has a lot more to do with discovering Mary’s role and the divine feminine. I’ve been reading a lot about how prior to the 1700’s the lactating breast was the most popular image in the churches across Europe. Clearly we need to revive that today to make a difference in our corporate controlled world. So onward and upward! Long Live the Matriarchy!




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