Mother Says Judge Ordered Her To Stop Breastfeeding

Mother Says Judge Ordered Her To Stop Breastfeeding

One of the most disturbing things I have learned on this documentary journey is how mothers and their babies are routinely separated at the whim of judges. According to our expert Prof. Kathy Dettwyler cases like the one of this mother happen all the time across the U.S. as judges are not aware of the importance of breastfeeding. Lawyers on the father’s side often use breastfeeding as a way to get between the couple either citing sexual abuse if the child is over one or inventing a sob story about the father’s rights. It’s a sad pathetic tactic and it needs to stop. A baby’s health should always trump a father’s emotional needs to spend a night with his child. Children need access to their mothers until they have weaned.

It’s the first time since I’ve been researching this film that I have heard of the news reporting on a legal case and I’m so excited that the word is getting out. Let’s help spread the word about this one and rally behind the mom. It’s outrageous that any judge would come between mother and child. The mother should not have to stop breastfeeding her child for one night or any length of time until mother and child decide they are done with their breastfeeding relationship.

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