My personal passion is to empower you to create health, happiness and live a more meaningful life!

I offer a variety of self-healing tools, as well my own life experience and healing adventures. I’m clairsentient and claircognizant, highly intuitive, and have empathic abilities — which allows me to feel your pain when I tune into it. This gift comes in pretty handy when I’m engaged in healing work with a client, because pain is also the source of our healing potential. In Rumi’s words: “The wound is the place where light enters you.”

I believe that we are all born wired for healing but there are a
few conditions that help facilitate this and speed things up.

The first is that each of us needs to take responsibility for our own healing. No one else can heal YOU but YOU. We are all created equal in this way with the same capacity. As a healing practitioner my job is to guide you and be a compassionate witness to your process.

The second condition is to respect Mother Nature’s ways. The more closely we live to her and in accordance to her rules, the more health and wellbeing we experience.

However, in today’s culture of “better living through chemistry and tech” this is becoming increasingly challenging. And if in addition we’ve also received bad programming in our formative years, this really gets in the way by creating self-limiting beliefs that sabotage our health and happiness.

That’s were EFT and Matrix come in — as the most awesome tools I’ve discovered thus far. I first learned about EFT in 2017 when I read a KAISER meta study on it’s rapid effectiveness for war veterans suffering from PTSD. At the time I was researching and filming a project on homelessness and was struggling with overwhelming emotions. ONE EFT session solved my problem and I became instantly hooked. I continued to read and practice EFT by watching free videos online and eventual taking a workshop. It felt like I had just been handed a magic wand so stunned and delighted I was by the quickness in which old beliefs, patterns, and obstacles were being released and cleared. I decided then and there I needed to find a teacher and become certified so I could help others.

I studied with Rob Nelson who was certified by Gary Craig the founder of EFT and also happens to be one of 4 Matrix Reimprinting trainers in the entire US and Canada. In January 2020, I earned my certification through Rob’s academy Tapping the Matrix in both EFT and Matrix. In 2018, I also earned a certification in Mystic Shamanism and Reiki.

Prior to becoming an EFT & Matrix Reimprinting shamanic practitioner and intuitive health consultant, I was a photojournalist and writer /producer for network television on many award winning documentary and reality shows. And I still write and produce on issues close to my heart like health, healing and social justice.

Both of my previous careers enhance the health consulting work I do now. My journalistic background supports my curiosity in being a good detective for client issues as I enjoy interviewing people, listening closely to their stories while looking for clues that might reveal the root cause of their problem. I’ve also always been a very empathic and sensitive person who can intuit things and people share their troubles or reveal secrets to me without me even asking.

With clients, I now often just seem to know what’s challenging them and how to proceed. I believe this help may also come from spirit guides — both my own and my clients’— as I have a strong connection with all of my deceased grandmothers who were also highly intuitive and psychically gifted.

If you feel you’d like to work with me, please visit my Work with Clarymond page.

Just to be clear: I am NOT a licensed therapist or psychologist. I do not accept any form of insurance and do not diagnose or treat any medical, psychiatric or psychological condition. I am a certified EFT, Matrix Reimprinting & Intuitive practitioner.