Science/Blue light/EMF

Light At Night and Your Health

By Karen Felzer

Los Angeles

Modern living has seriously impacted our body’s activity and repair cycle. Indoor lighting is much dimmer than sunlight, and has a different color spectrum than natural light, failing to meet our daytime light needs while being too bright for our nighttime requirement for darkness. Melatonin production is especially sensitive to blue and green light, which has been rapidly increasing in our night time environment from fluorescent and LED lighting and computer and phone screens. The consequences of our disrupted and shortened repair cycle range from insomnia and children who can’t get to sleep at night to depression, cancer, (especially breast and prostate cancer) and all types of degenerative illnesses and chronic infections. There is also a very likely link between unhealthy light exposure and ADHD and autism.

What to do?

1)  Get sunlight during the day

2)  Shield from outdoor light pollution while sleeping. Do not use nightlights in bedrooms; never leave computer or television screens or any lights on overnight.

3)  Change electric light bulbs to low light and low blue and green light. Keep LED lights <350 lumens and less than 2300 K color temperature. Only use one light bulb per room or area. Our tested and approved light bulbs are: Feit electronic LED 2000K, 125 lumens; best choice, available at Home Depot. Other approved lights, available on Amazon: Phillips LED, 2000K, 350 lumens ; Westinghouse amber incandescent party light, 25 Watts; Zoostliss mini salt lamp night light, can be used for evening room lighting but do not use overnight. Nite Nite light bulb close runner up.

4)  Optimal: use beeswax candle or olive oil lamps. See Lehman’s olive oil lamp for an excellent example of a good lamp with a well recessed flame. Olive oil is cheaper and safer than beeswax. Never use candles with a metallic wick, which may contain lead.

5)  Avoid screens after sundown; if must use download night light filters. Use blue shielding glasses if no other options. Do not use these glasses outside during the day, however!

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State kept secret guidelines on safe cell phone use

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State kept secret guidelines on safe cell phone use

Shocking revelation in today’s SF chronicle!  Similarities to smoking industry are eerie.

SACRAMENTO — For years, state health officials kept secret a set of guidelines meant to inform the public about the risks associated with cell phone use and the best practices to avoid potential harm.

On Thursday, the California Department of Public Health released the guidelines, which advise cell phone users to keep the devices away from their bodies, keep calls short and to use the speaker phone on lengthy calls. The guidelines were released only after a Sacramento Superior Court judge indicated she would order them to be disclosed, and after The Chronicle told the state it was publishing a news story about the case.

The health department’s lawyers had argued in court that the guidelines were never formally approved by the agency and that releasing them to the public would cause unnecessary panic.

The two-page suggestions, which have been written and revised over the past seven years, are based on studies “that suggest that long-term cell phone use may increase the risk of brain cancer and other health problems,” according to the document, which includes a stamp saying it is a “draft and not for public release.”

In an era where the laptop is king, many people spend more time glued to a TV screen than talking to family members and nobody leaves home without a cell phone. But how dangerous are these habits to our health? Alltime10s investigates.

Media: MediaOS Video

“This could have perhaps saved some lives if it had been published by the department seven years ago,” said Joel Moskowitz, a public health researcher at UC Berkeley, who sued the public health department last year after his requests for the guidelines were repeatedly denied in 2014.

The guidelines detail the effect of electromagnetic fields, or EMFs, put out by cell phones. Everything from watches to X-ray machines generate different levels of EMFs. Cell phones, according to the guidelines, release about the same relatively weak EMFs as microwave ovens, but because they are used more frequently and kept close to the body, they can “affect nearby cells and tissues.”

“EMFs can pass deeper into a child’s brain than an adult’s,” the guidelines say. “The brain is still developing through the teen years, which may make children and teens more sensitive to EMF exposure.”

The guidelines suggest limiting cell phone use by children and teens to “texting, important calls and emergencies.” Pregnant women are also at risk for increased exposure, the document says. It says people can lower their exposure by using speaker phone or a headset and not sleeping with the device or carrying it in a pocket unless it is turned off.

The guidelines are relatively similar to those released by the Connecticut Department of Public Health in 2015.

Moskowitz said the public deserves to know if the guidelines were withheld for political reasons or due to industry interference.

“It’s disconcerting it has taken so long to issue this,” he said. “And still, they are making it clear this isn’t their official position.”

The California public health department said in a statement Thursday that it stopped working on the guidelines because the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued national guidance on the same subject in 2014. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says “more research is needed before we know if using cell phones cause health effects.”

Attorney Lisa Tillman, a deputy attorney general at the state Department of Justice who represented the public health department in the case, said the state agency is not required to warn the public of health risks that have not been proven.

“We don’t want to disseminate information about something that hasn’t been established as a health hazard,” Tillman said at the court hearing in Sacramento last Friday.

But at the hearing, Sacramento Superior Court Judge Shelleyanne Chang said the department — which is charged with protecting the public health — has an obligation to inform the public of its findings. Chang said she found it “pretty astounding” that a public health department would argue that it doesn’t have to release public health information gathered by its own scientists.

While Chang issued a tentative ruling last week indicating she would order the document released, she had 90 days to make a final ruling.

Environmental health experts like Dr. Devra Davis, a Wyoming epidemiologist and toxicologist, have argued for years that there needs to be more public awareness about the potential dangers of cell phone radiation.

Cell phones carry warnings, but they are often hard to find. For example, the iPhone has a legal disclaimer regarding radio frequency exposure that says the device should be carried “at least 5 mm away from your body to ensure exposure levels remain at or below the as-tested levels.” That warning is buried in the settings of each cell phone. Davis’ group, Environmental Health Trust, has a website called that helps users find the warnings on their cell phones and urges manufacturers to put the information where users can find it.

But, warning labels about potential health impacts of cell phones have been strongly opposed by the wireless industry. After Berkeley adopted a city ordinance in 2015 requiring cell phone retailers to warn customers about potential health impacts, an industry group, CTIA-The Wireless Association, sought a court order barring the disclosure.

Last year, a federal judge ruled in favor of the city ordinance, which tells customers that carrying switched-on phones too close to their bodies might expose them to radiation levels higher than recommended by federal guidelines.

In 2013, CTIA used the courts to block San Francisco from requiring retailers to tell customers that their cell phones could expose them to dangerous, possibly cancer-causing radiation. The city dropped its ordinance after a federal appeals court barred its enforcement.

A CTIA spokesman said the guidelines released Thursday by the public health department “appear to be contradicted by the consensus of the scientific community.” The Chronicle shared the guidelines with the spokesman, who declined to be named in the story. CTIA said numerous organizations and health experts have shown no known health risk to radiation emitted from cell phones.

“This may be why the state itself described the document as a ‘work in progress’ that is ‘subject to revisions,’” the spokesman wrote.

Moskowitz said at least 10 peer-reviewed studies have looked at the long-term use of cell phones and that many of those found an increased risk of brain tumors. He said other studies have found links between sperm damage in men when they keep their cell phones in their pockets near their testis as well as reproductive health effects in women.

The World Health Organization says the electromagnetic fields produced by cell phones are possibly cancer-causing, but notes that “to date, no adverse health effects have been established as being caused by mobile phone use.”

Moskowitz said the public health department’s research is particularly important because children are using cell phones at far younger ages. He said he was pleasantly surprised to see the health department cover the impact of cell phone radiation on children in its guidelines.

“Their exposure over a lifetime will be much greater than the generations studied previously,” he said.

Claudia Polsky, director of the Environmental Law Clinic at UC Berkeley, who is representing Moskowitz in the case, said the public health department’s arguments for not releasing the document were irresponsible given the health impacts of sitting on such critical information. Polsky was unhappy the health department released the guidelines with a disclaimer across the document indicating it’s a draft and not for public release when the judge is likely to rule that the guidelines were “not a draft, and must be publicly released.”

“The agency has jumped the gun and stamped new lettering in huge dark letters across the face of the document so as to make it virtually illegible,” Polsky said.

Melody Gutierrez is a San Francisco Chronicle staff

writer. Email:

Twitter: @MelodyGutierrez


This Pope might just get this lapsed Catholic back in Church :)

Since I began this project I ‘ve had these odd “lapsed Catholic” fantasies about reconnecting with my faith. It all started years ago when I read Thich Nhat Hanh’s book on Jesus. Here was a guy deeply wounded by the Catholic missionaries and he was still finding compassion and space enough in his heart to be open minded and inquire who the real Jesus was and get past all the lies that we’d all been told.  It really moved me. So it got me thinking I too could get past some of the stuff that made me crazy growing up with Catechism. Like all that talk about sins in preparation for my first communion. I’ll never forget the creepy Pierre Thiercelin pulling me close and insisting I share my sins. His breath was stinky and he had those weird white spit balls gathered in the corners of his mouth. “But I don’t have any sins. I’m a kid.” I repeated a few times.  Anyways, I finally relented to get him off my back and admitted to not listening to my mom as well as I should.  I just did NOT get a good feeling from that man. And then years later I find out he molested one of our classmates. The hypocrisy of it all was enough to drive me away for good. But I digress.

The Catholicism that I’m talking about reconnecting with has a lot more to do with discovering Mary’s role and the divine feminine. I’ve been reading a lot about how prior to the 1700’s the lactating breast was the most popular image in the churches across Europe. Clearly we need to revive that today to make a difference in our corporate controlled world. So onward and upward! Long Live the Matriarchy!


Did you get Booby-Trapped?

Did you get Booby-Trapped?

It is really fascinating to see all the recent articles about gut biology. I never doubted it was important but I had no idea how MUCH  what you eat really matters! And if you were NOT lucky enough to be born thru your moms birth canal or be breastfed, your health has likely been booby-trapped!

Check out this fascinating cartoon on gut the importance of gut flora to our overall wellbeing.


Mother Says Judge Ordered Her To Stop Breastfeeding

One of the most disturbing things I have learned on this documentary journey is how mothers and their babies are routinely separated at the whim of judges. According to our expert Prof. Kathy Dettwyler cases like the one of this mother happen all the time across the U.S. as judges are not aware of the importance of breastfeeding. Lawyers on the father’s side often use breastfeeding as a way to get between the couple either citing sexual abuse if the child is over one or inventing a sob story about the father’s rights. It’s a sad pathetic tactic and it needs to stop. A baby’s health should always trump a father’s emotional needs to spend a night with his child. Children need access to their mothers until they have weaned.

It’s the first time since I’ve been researching this film that I have heard of the news reporting on a legal case and I’m so excited that the word is getting out. Let’s help spread the word about this one and rally behind the mom. It’s outrageous that any judge would come between mother and child. The mother should not have to stop breastfeeding her child for one night or any length of time until mother and child decide they are done with their breastfeeding relationship.


Big Money in China for Big Formula

File photo of a family looking at foreign imported milk powder products at a supermarket in BeijingGood well research article about formula WHO code violations in China. Big pharma is up to their same old moves.

Researching for this film, I read The Politics of Breastfeeding and Milk Money and Madness where all these stories are well documented from around the world. And still nothing changes.

So what are we going to do about it is the 20 Billion dollar question?



Decline in obesity likely to be because of breastfeeding…

“We’ve seen isolated reports in the past that have had encouraging trends, but this is the first report to show declining rates of obesity in our youngest children,” said Dr. Thomas R. Frieden, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which prepared the report. “We are going in the right direction for the first time in a generation.”

The cause of the decline remains a mystery, but researchers offered theories, like an increase in breast-feeding, a drop in calories from sugary drinks, and changes in the food offered in federal nutrition programs for women and children. In interviews, parents suggested that they have become more educated in recent years, and so are more aware of their families’ eating habits and of the health problems that can come with being overweight.

Decline in obesity likely to be because of breastfeeding…, via