We are a bold creative collective who celebrate Mother Nature, and “our Goddess within” while disarming her adversaries with parody. Our core mission is to have measurable impact on the health challenges affecting us all, with a particular emphasis on pregnancy, mothers, children, our homes, schools and workplaces. We know in our hearts, and guts, that if mothers and children heal, the entire planet will eventually get there.

Our aim is to ignite social change by breaking down complex issues on the subject of achieving and maintaining our well being in today’s increasingly toxic world.

We research, write and develop a variety of content about all the latest most cutting edge information on health and healing in a variety of topics including nutrition and toxins in our home and environments. We also create outrageous and hilarious content because laughing is the BEST medicine! We launch viral, mobile friendly video campaigns that wake viewers up through humor and outrage, creating a framework for grass roots action at the local level that cuts across party lines and UNITES us.

Let’s face it: “Mother” knows that “Nature” is best. Breathe. Drink enough clean water. Go to sleep after dark and rise with the sun. Eat lots of organic veggies. Enjoy nature. Laugh. Play in the dirt. Don’t stress. Wash your hands. Human milk for human babies. Don’t watch too much TV — or spend all day on your smartphone!

It’s the same common sense, timeless “organic” wisdom, and we’re ready to take on a world increasingly dominated by the “better living through chemistry and technology” paradigm. Won’t you please join our team?! We swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but The Gosh Awful Truth, so help us Goddess. And the truth will set you free!

We have first hand experience healing ourselves and our families from a variety of diseases. The first step is to take responsibility. We are a local offline supportive community, an online network of resources to connect and organize us globally, a comedy video website, and an activism platform ALL rolled up into ONE.

Within the Mother Corps tribe, you’ll connect with renowned health experts, take video courses, and build connections within our ever-growing network of truth warriors in service to Mother Earth.

We are happy agitators, innovative warriors, outrageous creators — and we’re ‘Fired up! Ready to go!” Come play with us. Come heal with us. Please join our Tribe!

Clarymond and Karen

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  1. La Chica de las Burbujas says:

    Un proyecto muy inspirador y necesario! Todas formamos parte de “La Tribu” de una u otra manera… Desde cualquier rincón del planeta, más unidas que nunca y más fuertes que nunca!

    La Chica de las Burbujas

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